Carolina Traffic Devices provides the most advanced and reliable traffic control devices and equipment to maximize safety and mitigate down time.

With 20+ years of experience, Carolina Traffic Devices provides DOT approved traffic control devices to the Southeast. Take advantage of our huge rental fleet or leverage our buying power to get the best purchase prices in the industry. Our traffic control devices are for sale or rent and include the following:

  Temporary Concrete Barriers

  Impact Attenuators

  Truck Mounted Attenuators

  Trailer Mounted Attenuators

  Water Filled Crash Cushions

  Water Filled Barriers

  Automated Flagger Assistance Devices

  Portable Traffic Signals

  Changeable Message Sign Trailers

  Variable Speed Limit Trailers

  Queue Detection Trailers

  Work Zone ITS

  Connected Lane Closure Systems

  Smart Work Zones

  Smart Work Zone Design & Set Up

  Smart Arrow Boards

  Flashing Arrow Panels

  Smart Drums

  Trucks Entering Highway Warning Systems

Looking for a smarter, safer way to control traffic?
Carolina Traffic Devices has offices in North Carolina and Georgia to better serve you.
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