Usage & Applications

Our concrete barrier lift can move barriers 6-12” in width and easily handle a 10-16 ft long wall. The lifting eye on the top of the attachment permits a range of machinery to use the device. To attach the claw, simply use a capacity-rated lifting strap and shackle. Workers can then guide the claw to hover over the barrier using the handles on either side.

Once in place, the barrier lift is completely gravity-operated and will safely move barriers without damaging them. Depending on work conditions, the lift will need to be greased every 200-400 lift cycles and will have a long lifespan. The only components that wear and need replacement are the actuator and the grip pads.

The most common uses for concrete barrier lifts are:

  • highway traffic control
  • pedestrian control
  • military use
  • material separation
  • agricultural industry

Product Specifications

We offer different sizes of concrete barrier lifts made by Kenco. Each model has a grip range of 6-12 inches which covers almost all varieties of barriers. Our largest lift has a weight capacity of 12,000 lbs and can move 20 ft long barriers.

Product Availability

Here at Carolina Traffic Devices, our concrete barrier lifts are available for sale or rent, both available new and used. For details on pricing and rates, contact one of our team members, and we will provide all the information you need.

A concrete barrier lift will accelerate your operations and provide safety for workers while moving the heavy barriers. With the easy mechanical functionality, your team will be moving barriers with ease. Contact us today for more information about our barrier lifts.

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