Portable Concrete Barriers (PCB) also known as Jersey Barrier, K-Rail and concrete barricades provide positive protection to safely separate work crews and motorists.

Using barrier wall keeps more travel lanes open during peak traffic times and expands the work area during off-peak periods.

Concrete Barrier Wall
Concrete barrier wall on highway

We also offer Barrier Accessories such as painted barriers or glare screen.

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Carolina Traffic Devices has stockpiles of concrete barrier wall from Virginia to southern Georgia. We load your truck or transport it to you.

Approved by

NC and VA DOTs
SC and GA DOTs

Whether you need new or used, DOT or non DOT approved, we have the concrete barrier to fit your project.

Uses For Barrier Walls

Concrete barrier wall has many uses other than roadway protection.

We’ve set wall for homeland security in and around military bases, nuclear power plants for perimeter security, police stations, crowd control, emergency communications towers, hospitals, boat ramps, docks, parking lot barriers and many other locations.

Barrier can be set up as planters and filled with dirt or gravel for extra security.

Customers have used concrete barrier as a retaining wall, stream bank protection and other erosion prevention methods.

Combined with our custom made 90 degree, 3-way and 4-way connections, storage bins can be built to create unlimited sections in any configuration.

Blocking driveways to prevent unwanted dumping helps save you the cleanup cost too.

We have supplied barrier wall to numerous indoor or outdoor facilities, complexes and arenas for sporting, special events, parades, concerts and festivals as well.

Used Concrete Barriers
Non DOT Approved Concrete Barrier Wall

We sell concrete barriers that no longer meet current DOT standards.

They may no longer meet DOT standards due to damage or because they were poured using an expired specification.

USED Non DOT Approved Concrete Barrier Wall

We have two classifications of used, Non DOT approved concrete barrier:


Minor damage, may have smaller cracks or pieces missing. Connections will be intact and usable.

Would meet quality standards for use on DOT project.


Significant damage, may have large cracks or chunks of concrete missing, connections may not be intact.

Would not meet quality standards for use on a DOT project.

NEW Non DOT Approved Concrete Barrier Wall

Does your project call for new barrier but doesn’t have to meet current DOT specs? We have you covered.

We have a variety of options for new non-DOT concrete barriers that cost significantly less than a barrier poured to current DOT specs.

DOT Approved Concrete Barrier Wall

We have concrete barrier approved for use by NCDOT, SCDOT, GDOT and VDOT as well as other states available for rent.

We keep our barrier strategically located in numerous stockpiles throughout Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina & Georgia to keep haul costs to a minimum.

We can also supply the delineators (reflectors) and impact attenuators (crash cushions) that attach to concrete barrier that you may need for a DOT project.

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Barrier Accessories


Painting concrete barriers is a great way to improve their visibility and aesthetics. We can paint barriers, white, safety yellow, federal orange, or any other color you come up with.

Barrier Painted Safety Yellow

Concrete barrier painted safety yellow


Carolina Traffic Devices designed Corner Attachment Pieces to connect barrier on a 90 degree, 2-way, 3-way or 4-way connection. Works great for making storage bins, connection around corners, retaining walls and many other applications.

By attaching our custom made barrier connectors, you can create unlimited configurations.

Concrete Barrier 90 degree Connector

Concrete Barrier Connector 90 degree


​To reduce traffic congestion in work zones, we offer a glare screen system that minimizes cross-median visibility in both temporary and permanent medians from a position on top of the median barriers.

Made of polymetric materials, the vertical blades are flexible and durable, and fit quickly and easily into a specially-designed plastic blade base and base rail system that adapts to any size barrier. The barrier wall can be relocated without removing our glare screen system.

Glare Screen Bolts to top of Barrier Wall

Glare Screen on top of barriers

Vertical Blades

Vertical Blades


The Kenco concrete barrier lift is the most efficient, safest way to move concrete barrier wall. The mechanical scissor action grips concrete automatically. By positioning and setting the Kenco Barrier Lift onto the wall, the lifting process begins.

We highly recommend you use a Kenco Barrier lift when moving or setting barrier.

Concrete Barrier Lift

Concrete Barrier Lift

Available for purchase or rent.


Most DOT projects require delineators to be installed on concrete barriers. We have a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to meet NCDOT, SCDOT, GDOT and VDOT specifications.



Available for purchase.