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Crash attenuators provide an effective safety buffer for any construction project.

delta crash attenuator

In addition to ensuring the well-being of everyone in and around the work zone, they also help to control the stream of traffic. They can be used and reused many times, and some even maintain their original appearance after a collision.


Crash attenuators can be placed:

  • Near highway overpasses and exits
  • Along the sides of roads to create a safety buffer
  • Through lanes to prevent the movement of traffic
  • Around construction areas to ensure the safety of workers
  • In high-traffic areas to control the flow of cars and pedestrians


We’re proud to offer the industry’s leading crash attenuators to our customers. These cost-effective barriers are essential for maintaining the integrity and safety of your construction zone.

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SCI 100 Smart Cushion

Largely considered the best crash attenuator in the market for both safety and cost-efficiency, the SCI 100 Smart Cushion provides superior protection for vehicles and motorists involved in collisions. 

  • Available in Test Level 2 and Test Level 3, and may be rented or purchased depending on your project requirements
  • Allows for variable stopping resistance based on the speed of the impacting vehicle
  • Proprietary reverse-tapered design helps to eliminate side-panel stress during a collapse while achieving greater prevention of vehicles rebounding into traffic

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delta crash attenuator

Delta® Crash Cushion

We proudly offer the Delta® Crash Cushion, a low-cost MASH TL-3 non-gating redirective crash cushion by Traffix Devices. 

  • Available for purchase or rent depending on your project requirements
  • Made with a series of steel three-beam fender panels supported by steel diaphragms
  • Attenuates energy evenly for all vehicle types, with shear bolts tearing through cut-outs of various sizes and shapes
  • Installation is quick and easy
  • Performs in all temperatures and climates at a low cost
  • Comes with a multi-directional object marker in chevron, left or right angles, that’s quickly changeable in the field

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The list of crash attenuators above are our most popular selections. If you would like to learn more about all we have to choose from, please contact us today to discuss your project!

delta crash attenuator


We understand that every construction project is different in terms of needs, preferences, and objectives. We’re here to help you determine which crash attenuator will work best for you and whether it’s better to buy or rent

Our representatives have helped countless construction companies across the Southeast find the traffic safety solutions they need to keep their workers and communities safe.

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Other Options for Barriers

Our most popular crash attenuators include the SCI 100 Smart Cushion and the Delta® Crash Cushion, but we also offer additional safety barrier options. 

Please contact us today if you are interested in learning more about how we can help. If you’re unsure whether a crash attenuator will work for your construction needs, we’re also happy to advise you on which alternative barrier type to utilize. 

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