Crash cushions help protect vehicles, and the people inside them, from damage in the event of a collision. They work by absorbing kinetic energy and redirecting the colliding vehicle away from danger. Often placed near overpasses or highway exits, crash cushions are a fantastic safety resource for construction projects, and also serve as effective buffers to control traffic. They can be used and reused many times, and maintain their appearance after most collisions. Crash cushions can also be repaired and reissued for further use.


Carolina Traffic Devices is a trusted supplier of crash cushions representing several leading manufacturers. Our product catalog includes both redirective and non-redirective systems, for temporary or permanent use. We crash test all products to ensure they meet appropriate requirements of NCHRP Report 350 and/or MASH. Our crash cushions are approved for use throughout many southern states, including Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and more.

Browse Our Leading-Edge Crash Cushions

We’re proud to offer a variety of top-quality crash cushions manufactured by leading brands, such as QuadGuard, TAU, and SCI.


  • QuadGuard Family: Setting the industry standard for durability and performance, QuadGuard crash cushions are always a reliable choice for your next construction project. Carolina Traffic Devices carries QuadGuard cushions available in Test Level 2, Test Level 3, and Highspeed. They are available for purchase and/or rent.


  • SCI 100 Smart Cushion: This revolutionary crash cushion provides excellent protection and deceleration for vehicles and motorists involved in collisions. The SCI 100 Smart Cushion is available in Test Level 2 and Test Level 3, and may be rented and/or purchased depending on your project requirements.


  • Lindsay TAU-II: Lindsay’s TAU technology is synonymous with road safety, consistent performance, and affordability. Our Lindsay TAU-II crash cushions are available in Test Level 2 and Test Level 3. They are available for purchase and/or rent.


Reach out to Carolina Traffic Devices to learn more about product offerings and pricing.