A smart work zone or intelligent work zone refers to a site-specific configuration of traffic control technology deployed within a roadway work zone to:

  Reduce end of queue collisions by providing advanced warning of slowed or stopped traffic ahead

View real time traffic conditions and improve incident response time

Reduce queue lengths by implementing dynamic merge systems

  Provide drivers with alternate route information

  Provide expected travel times through the work zone or to a particular exit

Empower DOTs and contractors to make informed traffic control decisions


Stay up to date on traffic conditions by viewing a 24/7 live feed of your construction zone.

ITS Smart Work Zones

Carolina Traffic Devices is the leader of providing smart work zone solutions in the Carolinas. With several high-profile projects for NCDOT and SCDOT under our belt, we have the experience and the equipment to make sure your project goes smoothly.

Smart Work Zones = Safer Work Zones
Take a ride down a Smart Work Zone….
Carolina Traffic Devices can help you with the design and installation of a Smart Work Zone.

Trailer Mounted Queue Detection

The Queue Trailer is a portable trailer that provides a versatile and lightweight platform with a small footprint to mount a microwave radar unit to detect speed, volume and occupancy for up to 22 lanes of traffic. When equipped with ASTI’s communication package, the Queue Trailer can provide data remotely to a variety of information-gathering components.

General Features

Industrial-grade trailer to give years of dependable service
Reports speed, volume, density and classification per lane for all traffic
Adjustable solar array for maximum exposure to sun
Available with or without Wavetronix HD sensor
Optional digital cellular communications
Accurately detects lane changing vehicles
Available as a portable unit or permanent mount
Removable tongue
Battery bank sized for 30-day autonomy
Detects up to 22 lanes of traffic or 250′
Detects multi-direction traffic with a single sensor

Queue Trailer Features

Adjustable solar array 0˚- 60˚ and rotate 360˚
Four laterally extendable outriggers
Standard 2″ ball coupler or pintle hitch options
19′ And 25′ mast height options
2000 lb axle and 500 lb leaf spring rating
14.5″ Wheel with 5 lug pattern
Three concentric section of square steel mast
One 230 watt solar panel
Four 6VDC batteries (AGM options available)
One 23.5″ x 15.5″ x 16″ 14 gauge steel, lockable
battery enclosure

Queue Trailer Specifications

Width – 69″
Length w/o tongue – 43″
Length with tongue – 96″
Height including solar panel – 90″

Trailer Mounted Queue Detection

Trailer Mounted Queue Detection

Mobile Video Trailer

Mobile Video Trailer

Mobile Video Trailer

The Mobile Video Trailer (MVT) provides a portable, self-contained all-weather, trailer-mounted equipment platform. Through the use of wireless communication, the MVT provides the end user a rapidly deployable real-time video system viewable from a remote location. The MVT can be used as a stand-alone camera system or tied into a larger existing CCTV system.

General Features

Can use virtually any camera
Additional mast heights available
Day/Night, Adjustable
Pan/Tilt/Zoom IP addressable cameras
32-ft extendable mast with 360-degree lockable rotation
Capable of providing streaming or snapshot video
Optional electric hoist available for rapid deployment
Battery bank sized for 30-day autonomy
Industrial-grade trailer to give years of dependable service
Microwave and digital cellular communications available
360-degree adjustable solar array for maximum exposure to sun
Custom options are available and can include a Wavetronix sensor for traffic detection

Camera Trailer Features

Adjustable solar array 0˚- 60˚ and rotate 360˚
Four laterally extendable outriggers
Standard 2″ ball coupler or pintle hitch options
2000 lb axle and 1200 lb leaf spring rating
14.5″ Wheel with 5.45 lug pattern
Powder coated trailer using RAL2010 orange
High-impact polyethylene fenders
Three concentric section of square steel mast
30′ And 40′ mast options available
6″ x 6″ x 3/16″ steel plate mast mounting platform
Four 140 watt solar panels for a total 560 watts of solar
Twelve 6VDC batteries (AGM options available)
Two 14 gauge steel, lockable battery enclosures

MVT Camera Specifications

Camera flexibility is available upon request
AXIS, COHU, BOSCH, SENSERA options available
Pan/Tilt/Zoom/High Definition/360° rotation
Time lapse video features
Date/Time stamping/Streaming video archiving
Multi-function camera and sensor capability
Bluetooth options available
Wavetronix options available
Custom enclosure options

Mobile Video Trailer
Mobile Video Trailer Fold
Mobile Video Trailer Fold

SMC 1000 ST
Three-Line Solar Message Center

Manufactured to the same quality standards Work Area Protection is
recognized for, the SMC 1000 ST meets all the requirements of the MUTCD,
while offering unparalleled ease of maintenance and programming.

Ease of Computer Programming

A user-friendly dedicated computer reduces the number of keys required to program the
Message Center. The unit provides NTCIP compliant functionality.

LED Lamp Pixel Design

The SMC 1000 ST uses 5 high-intensity, solid-state LEDs per 2-inch pixel. This creates
a more uniform light output in each pixel, resulting in increased message definition and
distance legibility.

Industrial Grade Structural Steel Trailer

The SMC 1000 ST uses a durable trailer system designed to provide years of
dependable service. The trailer’s high-quality powder-coat finish, 2″x 4″ 11-gauge steel
frame and a 3,500-pound suspension system enhance the overall quality of the unit.

Modular Electronic Componentry

The entire system was developed with the operator/end user in mind. Electronic
components are easily replaced, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. This
modularity also improves system diagnostics.

Three Line Solar Msg Center

Three Line Solar Message Center

Standard Features

On-board dedicated NTCIP-compliant controller
5 LEDs per pixel provide uniform light output
Energy-efficient LED display provides minimal battery maintenance and long operational life
Automatic intensity control provides optimum LED intensity
Industrial-grade trailer provides stable platform
Powder-coat finish for improved fade and scratch resistance
Simplistic programming
Durable in-frame LED tail lights
On-board charger provides option of solar or AC charging
Quick-clip access for ease of display maintenance
State-of-the-art charge technology reduces battery overcharge incidents
Remote programming option available
5-year standard warranty

SMC 1000 ST Unit Specs

Raised Height – 158″ (4.01 m)
Travel Height – 103″ (2.61 m)
Width – 96″ (2.43 m)
Length with tongue – 168″ (4.26 m)
Length w/o tongue – 130″ (3.3 m)
Weight – 1920 lbs (870.89 Kg)
Energy Source – (6) 6-volt Deep Cycle batteries
Generator – solar panel array 140 Watts
Operating Temperature Range – -20 to +120 degrees F (-29 to +49 degrees C)
Lift Mechanism – Leak-resistant electro-hydraulic
Main Frame – 2″ x 4″ x .120″ high-grade steel

Sign Case Specs

Height – 70″ (1.76 m)
Width – 127″ (3.22 m)
Character Height – 18″ (46 cm)
Lamp – LED (5 per pixel)
Legibility – 1000 ft (304 m)
Characters – 3 rows, 8 characters per row

SMC Computer Specifications

Control Console Display: LCD
Pre-programmed Messages: 250
User-programmed Messages: 100
NTCIP-compliant software
Update Speed: 100 Milliseconds
Removable Solid State Design
Off-the-shelf QWERTY keyboard

Three Line Solar Message


LED Trailer Lights

LED trailer lights standard and inset into trailer frame

Three Line Message Batteries

Six 6-Volt Deep Cycle Batteries and hydraulic pump are standard

Three Line NTCIP Controller

On-board dedicated NTCIP controller provides easy programming with secure password protection

Three Line 5 LEDs

5 LEDs per pixel enhance light output and provide a more uniform pixel definition

Three Line Polycarbonate Display Window

One piece polycarbonate display window