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Usage & Applications

Auto flaggers are useful during times of maintenance when one-way traffic is required. Some common applications include working on roads, guardrails, sewers, trees, gas lines, etc. Most of these tasks require large equipment that takes up a lane of the road.

When a road becomes one-way, there need to be traffic signals to alert traffic when to wait and when to proceed with caution. AFAD can autonomously control the flow of traffic through one-way zones and keeps workers out of danger’s way.

Benefits of Using AFADs

AFADs effectively grab the attention of drivers and communicate exactly when to come to a stop. The device can be set up on the side of the road where it is not in the way of traffic, which is why the caution arm lowers to provide a visual and physical barrier for drivers to see. This makes it safe for the AFAD and safe for the operator by keeping them out of the road.

Another benefit of these devices is that they are extremely simple to operate, and any worker can learn how to use them. With a fast setup, a simple control system, and safer traffic control, there is no reason why you shouldn’t implement an AFAD into your construction operations.


We have a fleet of John Thomas Inc. portable signals and related accessories available for sale or rent.

Additional Information

Portable Traffic Signal

  • Only portable traffic signal that can be set up without having a person enter into a live lane of traffic
  • Requires minimal maintenance 
  • Easily recognizable by drivers 
  • Works great for both short and long-term traffic control during any construction project 
  • Operates unattended 24 hours a day 
  • Best for jobs with a longer duration

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Additional Information

Driveway Assist Device

  • Reduces misunderstandings among motorists, effectively ensuring a safe driving environment 
  • Bright color scheme and easily recognizable design
  • Multiple driveway assist devices can be connected and synchronized to help optimize the flow of traffic 
  • Easy to attach additional signage that will provide drivers with instructions on updated traffic patterns 
  • Operates unattended 24 hours a day

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Additional Information

Auto Flagger (AFAD)

  • Eliminates the need to place traffic control signallers in dangerous, high-traffic areas around construction zones
  • Increases worker safety and optimizes labor force potential 
  • Designed for first-rate mobility and simple setup
  • Can be operated via a wireless remote control device 
  • Features reflective sheeting to increase visibility 
  • Ideal for shorter term operations

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The portable traffic signals, driveway assist, and auto flagger assistance devices (AFAD) shown above are our most popular selections. If you would like to learn more about all we have to choose from, please contact us today to discuss your project!

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