Usage & Applications

Safety and security are always top priorities, particularly for big events or construction sites. Thefts and vandalism can be expensive setbacks, so investing in a mobile surveillance trailer rental makes sense. Here are some common reasons to deploy one or more of these trailers:

Construction Sites

When work shuts down for the day, you need to ensure no one can steal valuable materials or equipment. While fencing and security guards are great first lines of defense, they can fall short. Mobile surveillance trailers always keep an eye out and can spot intruders faster and more reliably than a guard on the ground.

Large Events

When massive groups of people come together, maintaining security can be challenging. Instead of investing in more personnel, a mobile surveillance trailer can be a better solution. By monitoring the situation from above, security teams can focus their attention on problematic areas, leading to better efficiency and use of resources.

Warehouses or Industrial Sites

Like a construction site, there are valuable resources and materials that could be stolen from an industrial work zone. Mobile surveillance trailers can be deployed virtually anywhere, giving the security team access to more remote stations. Also, fewer personnel are needed to run patrols because they can cover a wide area.

Parking Lots.

Some businesses have to worry about security both inside and outside the building. For example, a high-end casino may want to monitor the parking lot to help prevent break-ins or armed assaults. A mobile surveillance trailer in the center of the lot can enhance security measures and make both employees and visitors feel safer.


Cloud AI Object Detection

In many cases, having a camera present is enough to deter most thieves or vandals. However, Carolina Traffic Devices go several steps further than just deterring would-be criminals. 

These cameras use Cloud AI object detection for better tracking and notification settings. Don’t worry about guards getting pinged every time the wind blows or a leaf moves. Instead, the cameras look for important events and items that could be a threat, including vehicles, weapons, and more. 

Detect only the people, vehicles, and other activities that matter to you.

Smart Notifications

Best of all, you can customize these settings to match your specific needs. Nothing gets past these cameras! Configure each camera to alert only on events, activity, and health checks that matter. With full control over every camera, you can fine-tune your alerts so you are only notified about what matters to you.

Why Carolina Traffic Devices?

With over 20 years of experience in road safety, we know what it takes to maintain safety and security for a large area. We understand the value of mobile surveillance trailers, and our goal is to help you secure your job site as tightly as possible. Our team will work with you to find the right solution, regardless of the size and scope of your project. Contact us today to get started.

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