Usage & Applications

Speed trailers are great for any project where speed limits need to be changed. It’s crucial to have slower traffic around construction zones for the safety of drivers and workers.

The variable sign can be extremely useful for adjusting speed limits in different weather situations. Rainy days would require a slower speed limit than usual and snowy days should display the slowest speed because of how slick the roads can get.

Drivers need to understand the speed limit changes are active, which is why there is an option to enable the flashing beacon lights on the trailer. Overall, the trailer is a versatile device that will keep your workers safe by displaying the exact speed limit needed for your site.

Why Carolina Traffic Devices?

We have Variable Speed Limit Trailers available for rent throughout many south-eastern states, with our trailers located in numerous stockpiles throughout Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina & Georgia to keep haul costs to a minimum.

If you need a variable speed limit trailer, we have them available for sale or rent. Our team can teach you everything you need to know before using the trailer, so you are comfortable deploying it on-site.

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