A Water Filled Barrier (WFB) is an alternative to concrete barrier wall that also provides positive protection to safely separate work crews, pedestrians and motorists in urban areas or low speed work zones. It is light weight, highly visible, easy to transport and can be set in place without any equipment.

Water filled barriers can also be used for channelizing vehicles and pedestrians for special events. Each piece can be set individually or by locking them together with a metal pin. They can be used with or without water.

Water Filled Barriers

The TrafFix Water-Cable Barrier is the world’s first Longitudinal Barrier to be MASH tested, passed and eligible at TL-1 31 mph (50 km/hr) and TL-2 43.5 mph (70 km/hr) levels with and without chain link fence paneling.


Empty 100 lbs. (45.4 kg)
Filled 1,070 lbs (485.3 kg)

Length 72″ (1.9 m)
Width 18″ (0.46 m)
Height 32″ (0.8 m)

Water Cable Barrier
TrafFix Devices

The Sentry Water Cable Barrier is an NCHRP 350 TL-3 certified work zone crash barrier.


Empty 160 lbs. (73 kg)
Filled 2,000 lbs (907 kg)

Length 76″ (193 cm)
Width 22″ (56 cm)
Height 43″ (109 cm)

Sentry Water Cable Barrier
TrafFix Devices
Water Filled Barrier

The Triton WFB barrier meets the FHWA-NCHRP 350 TL-2 standard (43 mph) for longitudinal re-directive barrier. The Triton Barrier is certified as its own end treatment eliminating the need for crash attenuators.

Dimensions: 72” long, 32” tall, 21” wide, weighs 140 lbs. empty and up to 1,350 lbs. when filled with water.

Water filled barriers can be easily transported and then filled with water or sand for strength.