Jersey barriers are the go-to option for keeping work crews, motorists, and construction sites safe while maintaining peak traffic efficiency and maximizing the size of your work area. Depending on your project needs, our jersey barriers can be utilized for permanent or temporary applications. Carolina Traffic Devices offers a selection of concrete barriers engineered to meet all DOT standards, as well as more affordable, non-DOT approved options. Jersey barriers are a highly durable and low-maintenance choice for construction sites, roadways, and anywhere else where pedestrians and vehicles must be safely separated. 


We provide road and traffic barrier solutions from Virginia to southern Georgia. In addition to offering loading and transportation, we carry barrier accessories, such as painted barriers and glare screens. Carolina Traffic Devices is also a supplier of high-quality delineators (reflectors), as well as sturdy impact attenuators (crash cushions) to attach to your concrete barrier.

A Range of Options to Fit Your Project Specifications

At Carolina Traffic Devices, we offer a variety of jersey barrier options to suit your individual needs on a given project.


New or Used: Whether you’re looking for brand new jersey barrier or a more affordable used option, we’ve got you covered.

Non-DOT Approved Jersey Barrier Wall: These barriers no longer meet current DOT standards, but are suitable for use on many non-DOT projects. They may have been damaged or were simply poured using an old specification.

Used, Non-DOT Approved Jersey Barrier Wall: We offer two options for used, non-DOT approved jersey barriers. “Decent” means minor damage; the barrier may have small cracks or pieces missing, but its connections are intact. These barriers would meet quality standards on a DOT project. “Damaged” indicates significant wear and tear, including larger cracks or pieces of concrete missing. Connections may not be intact, and this barrier would not meet quality standards for use on a DOT project.


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